3-Step Guide For Removing The Mildew Growing On Your Concrete Patio

After a particularly rainy season, you may have noticed that you have mildew growing on your concrete patio and would like to get rid of it. If so, use the following three-step guide for removing the mildew and its stains on your home's concrete patio: Step 1:  Douse the Area with Bleach Water The first step in cleaning the mildew growth on your patio is to douse the area with bleach water. Read More 

About To Replace Furniture In The Office? Invest In Deep Cleaning Beforehand

When you first move into an office for your business, you may invest in used furniture that is affordable because you want to minimize startup expenses when it is possible. You may have furniture in your office that has helped you get through the beginning few years and now you are ready to upgrade to new furniture that provides extra comfort and leads to a new style. Before replacing the furniture, you should deep-clean the office. Read More 

Remove Carpet Wicking Stains With Ease

If you've recently scrubbed your carpeting using one of those machines you can rent or buy from your local stores, you may be a little unhappy with the results days after you finished. Some of the spots that you had worked so hard to remove may be starting to show again. This is due to wicking. Wicking stains occur when your scrubber is powerful enough to extract the dirt from the fibers at the top of the carpeting, but not deep down in. Read More 

4 Reasons Your Office Needs To Invest In Janitorial Services

Most managers and workers don't find time to take care of regular office cleaning needs. This is because the workday can get very busy and there may not be enough hours in the day. In this type of situation, many offices choose to invest in janitorial services. A team can come do the cleaning for you and they can provide a number of services. Keep reading to learn why your office needs this professional service: Read More 

Ways To Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking Pristine And Clean

Vinyl is one of the best materials available that you can use to protect and insulate your home. You can have vinyl siding installed if you live in the tropics or atop the highest mountains in Colorado. Professional power washing works to remove dirt deposits from vinyl siding and the process generally takes well under an hour. See how you can maintain the vinyl siding on your home so it stays cleaner and in better repair. Read More