Three Times To Arrange A One-Off House Cleaning For Someone You Know

One of the nice things about many residential cleaning services is that you can hire a cleaner just once. While many customers prefer to hire their cleaners around a regular schedule, finding a cleaning service that offers one-off jobs gives you a perfect opportunity to arrange a house cleaning for someone you know. This isn't a time to think about who has a dirty house and pay to have it cleaned as a gift — instead, you should think about those who have busy lives and consider booking a one-off house cleaning as a gift. Here are some people who may be ideal candidates.

Someone With Young Children

Families with young children may seldom have time to thoroughly clean their homes. While one parent can occasionally do some dusting and push the vacuum around, the reality is that the daily care of their children often takes center stage. If you know someone in this scenario who laments that his or her house isn't cleaner, arrange to have a residential cleaning service pay the person a visit to give the residence a thorough cleaning from top to bottom.

Someone Who Is Starting A Business

Any new entrepreneur you know is likely spending the bulk of his or her waking hours getting their business off the ground. This dedication to the business can mean that many things, including the person's house, get placed onto the back burner. If you know that the entrepreneur is struggling to perform the necessary cleaning tasks around his or her home, you might wish to consider booking a one-off cleaning as a gift for the person. You may even be contributing to the success of the new business — after all, a clean environment around the entrepreneur can lead to better productivity.

An Elderly Person

As people age, routine house chores can often become more difficult. A senior citizen who has a lack of mobility may struggle to reach the cobwebs in the upper corners of his or her walls or find it difficult to kneel down to remove carpet stains. You don't want any elderly people in your circle of family and friends to live in a dirty home because of such challenges, so it's helpful to arrange a one-off residential cleaning for someone in this situation.

In any of these scenarios, make sure that you tell the recipient that you just want to give him or her a helping hand. Doing so will make it clear that you aren't judging the person's dirty house.