Should You Always Clean Your Carpets Between Renters?

When you have renters come into your rental homes, they should have a new and fresh carpet to enjoy for their own use. The cleaning deposit paid by your renters can initially cover this cost, so it doesn't have to cost a lot of money out of your own pocket. 

Should you have residential carpet cleaning done between each and every renter you have? The short answer is yes, especially if your leases are rather long and it's usually a few years or so before you have the rental units vacant so you can clean them. However, there are exceptions to every situation, and there may be one for yours as well. Here are some things to think about when it comes to cleaning between renters when you have them cycling through every few months.

Yes: if your renters have pets

Any time you have a renter who has pets, clean the unit with residential carpet cleaning services after they have left the premises. Even pets who have never gone to the bathroom in the unit leave behind dander, hair, and other debris, and the homes should be thoroughly cleaned with residential carpet cleaning services to ensure the next renter has a clean and allergen-free place to call their own throughout their lease.

Yes: if your renters are smokers

Whether you allow smokers to smoke indoors in the rental units or not, they're going to have tracked smoke and other odors into the home and these odors are going to be trapped in the curtains, carpeting, and walls. Have residential carpet cleaning done at the very least to ensure the new renters go into a safe home.

Yes: if your renters have children

Children bring all kinds of germs and bacteria into a home and can make carpets extra stained and dirty as well. Never fear: most of these stains and odors will come out with professional residential carpet cleaning treatments. If your renters have very young children or even babies, the rental homes can be even dirtier when it comes to flooring.

Your renters deserve to have a clean home to move into when they rent from you. While carpet cleaning may not need to be done for every renter that moves in, if previous renters have carpets looking less than pristine, give your residential carpet cleaning professional a call. They will come and treat the floors and do spot treatments as well to make the floors move-in ready for the next renter.

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