Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits And Processes

A clogged dryer vent will compromise the efficiency of your dryer. Lint that has built up inside of the vent can become a fire hazard. Learn how a professional dryer vent cleaning service can be beneficial, plus familiarize yourself with the efficient cleaning processes that a technician utilizes.

Dryer Vent Issues

During each cycle that your dryer is turned on, lint that is removed from clothing becomes trapped inside of the filter. Lint is also routed through the dryer vent. The vent is responsible for releasing heated air from the dryer chamber. A long vent that has twists in its design may become clogged sooner than a short vent that contains a straight path. All dryer vents will eventually need to be cleaned.

Cleaning a vent allows a dryer to work in a more efficient manner. Clothes will dry quicker than they did when lint was clogged inside of the vent. If you have noticed that your dryer takes a considerably long time to dry a load of laundry, you may want to consult with a dryer vent cleaning technician about the issue that has been brought to your attention.

Cleaning Steps

A technician will disconnect the power to your dryer during the initial inspection of the appliance. Depending upon the design of the dryer vent, the technician will determine how they will access the interior of it. Vents come in flexible coils and rigid formats. A vacuum that is designed to fit inside the vent opening will be used to collect all of the debris that is stuck within the vent opening that is located outdoors.

A snake tool or a brush may be used to clean the interior walls of the vent. The opposite end of the vent will be connected directly to the back of your dryer. To clean this end of the vent, the technician will need to use tools to separate the vent opening from the dryer. The vacuum process and snaking or brushing process will be used to empty the contents from the vent.

The vacuum equipment that a technician uses will form a strong suction. This suction is essential in eliminating all of the lint that has built up inside the vent. Once the cleaning process has been conducted, the technician will ensure that the vent is properly routed and will attach the vent opening to the back of the dryer. 

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