Overwhelmed After Holiday Parties? Hire A Home Cleaning Service

If you had Christmas and New Year's parties, your home may show signs of the aftereffects. If so, and you are feeling overwhelmed getting everything clean, hire a home cleaning service. They can get your home back in order and clean so you can concentrate on other things. Below are the rooms they will clean and what they will clean in them. 

The Kitchen 

The kitchen is a busy area in many homes and can get dirty easily. This is especially true if you cook a lot. A home cleaning service will start by doing dishes and putting them away. They will clean the outside and inside of the microwave. They will make sure all stuck-on food is removed. They will also scrub the countertops. How they do this will depend on the type of countertop you have. The home cleaning service will be aware of this. For example, you may have a marble, laminate, quartz, or granite countertop. All these should be cleaned differently. 

The home cleaning service dusts and wipes down all appliances and helps declutter the countertops. They will sweep and mop the flooring. How they do this will depend on the type of flooring material you have in your kitchen. This service wipes down and cleans counter doors and cleans the oven and range hood. 

The Den/Living Room

If you have children, the home cleaning service will pick up toys and other clutter. They ask where you want to put these things. They dust the television and wall décor, such as photo frames, and will clean a fireplace mantel. They also clean blinds and curtains and vacuum the carpeting. They may clean the carpeting for you, but this may be an extra charge. If you have stained carpeting, such as stains from pet urine, you will be better off contacting a professional carpet cleaning company. 

The service will vacuum furniture. This is helpful if you have pets that shed as their hair will collect on fabrics. If you have wood flooring in your living room, the home cleaning service will know how to properly clean the flooring. They will dust furniture for you, as well as dust decorative items you may have. 


Another room that is important to keep clean is the bathroom. Because these rooms are heavily used this can be difficult to do. The home cleaning service will clean the toilets for you. They also wipe down the sink and clean the faucets and counters.

The service scrubs shower walls, shower doors, and bathtubs. They may remove the showerhead and clean this for you. This is an area where mold and mildew can easily grow due to dampness. The service mops, sweeps, and cleans the flooring in the bathroom.

The home cleaning service will clean many other rooms for you, such as bedrooms, offices, and more.

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