Prep Work For Choosing Carpet Cleaning Services: A Guide For Businesses

For businesses with carpeted entryways, office spaces, and public areas, in-house maintenance can be a bit of a headache. Janitorial crews typically focus on basic cleaning tasks, such as vacuuming, and rarely dedicate time to activities to help keep carpets spotless and extend their useful lives. The use of a dedicated carpet cleaning service is an excellent investment for regular cleaning needs. Choosing a good service means reviewing the essential needs of the business and expectations around turnaround times and quality. 

Conduct a carpet audit

One of the first tasks to accomplish is surveying all of the carpeting in the workplace, including any branch offices in need of care. Consider wall-to-wall carpeting, accent rugs as well as mats. Identify high-traffic locations and areas with less frequent cleaning needs. Many carpet cleaning services offer both carpet cleaning at your location and can also pick up rugs. Removable rugs and mats are taken to an offsite location for deep cleaning to remove mud, dirt, and debris. Some companies also offer rental rugs and mats or can rotate out any existing stock. When one is picked up for deep cleaning, a replacement is left behind or pulled from storage until the next visit. 

Outline requested service

Knowing the extent of carpet cleaning needs makes it easier to obtain a quote for regular service and consider any additional investments. Depending on traffic patterns, weekly cleaning could be necessary, or a monthly rotation would do. Seasonal conditions play a part in timing. For example, snowy climates need more frequent cleaning in the winter months due to salt and snow tracking. Consider all variables when planning service needs. Specify if stain removal is expected or if only regular shampoos are required. Review office hours and pick preferred times for cleaning that will not impact daily operations and also provide time for carpet drying if shampooing is required. 

Assess plan preferences

When extra purchases are possible, such as a rug rental service, consider the costs when compared to purchasing and replacing rugs as they wear over time. Review any add-on services and consider how much they cost and how often they would be utilized. Take note of if the company offers access to emergency services or last-minute requests. Sometimes the unexpected happens, and a plumbing emergency, breakroom accident, or an alternate event can create the need for immediate cleaning. Knowing in advance how much these extras can cost may help make the difference when choosing a company.

Reach out to a carpet cleaning company for more information.