Cleaning Your Pool’s Tile

Tile is a popular material to use in pools due to its extreme durability and the wide range of colors and designs that it can offer. While tile is very durable, it can require periodic cleaning in order to keep it looking its best.

Some Materials That Gather On Pool Tile Are Not Easily Removed

Individuals will often assume that cleaning their pool tile will only require it to be brushed with a scrubbing tool. While this may be effective for removing algae and other substances from the surface of the tile, it will not be able to eliminate all of the materials that may be on it. More precisely, mineral deposits can form on the tile that could be extremely difficult to remove. Often, these accumulations will need to be eliminated by using a solvent that can dissolve the mineral accumulations so that they can be wiped away.

Comprehensive Pool Tile Cleaning May Require The Pool To Be Drained

In order to be able to fully clean the tiles that are in the pool, it is likely necessary to drain most of the water from the pool. This will expose the tiles so that the cleaning service will be better able to scrub them and use solvents to dissolve the minerals. This may be somewhat inconvenient, but it can be the only option for thoroughly scrubbing all of the pool's surface. If you only have tile as an accent near the top of the pool walls, you may only need to partially drain it so that these tiles can be exposed. After the tile has been cleaned, it should be given time to fully dry before refilling the pool as many cleaning services may apply a coating that can help to repel mineral and dirt accumulations.

Maintaining The Water Quality Can Help Lessen The Need To Clean The Tile

Having the tiles for your pool professionally cleaned can be a major undertaking, but it can also be critical for preserving the look and condition of the tile. Unfortunately, individuals that are not diligent when maintaining the water quality of their pool can find that they will need to have this work done more frequently. This is due to dirt and other substances being able to bind to the surface of the tile. Once this occurs, they can be extremely difficult to remove. For a pool owner that is diligent about maintaining their water quality, the tile may be able to go for years longer before needing to be professionally cleaned.

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