Things You Might Do To Get Ready For A Home Inspection When You’re Selling Your House

A home inspection is a usual part of the home buying and selling process. You may feel uncomfortable with someone looking around your house for so long, but the inspection could make the difference between someone buying your house or passing it over.

You may want to go over your house and get it ready for the inspection before you leave so your home is as appealing as possible for the prospective buyer. Here are some things you might do.

Clean Up Clutter

Try to make your home as visually appealing as possible by picking up clutter and making your home neat. If your home is on the market, it should already be in good condition, so quickly tidying up may be all that's necessary. A tidy home seems more spacious, and that could be appealing if the buyers are a little concerned about small rooms.

Make Sure Everything Works

During the home inspection, the inspector will probably turn on every appliance and faucet. They'll try all of the light switches, too. They note everything that isn't functioning, and that could make the buyers wonder if there's a problem with the electricity in your home when the problem is just something minor.

Make It Easy to Access Your Home

A home inspector typically checks everything that is accessible. They may not move furniture out of the way to reach the wall or inspect windows. If you block access to an area of your home intentionally, that could look like you're trying to hide something. Instead, move furniture and other things if you need to so the inspector and buyer can see every part of your home both inside and out.

Take Your Pets When You Leave

You'll probably want to leave while the inspection is going on. If you have pets, you may want to take them, too, so they don't get in the way or accidentally get outside. You might also try to eliminate pet odors. Change the kitty litter and put dog bedding in your car to help reduce pet odors.

The potential buyer may spend a few hours in your home, and they'll have more time to notice odors and other issues caused by pets. However, you probably don't want to use room fresheners as these bother a lot of people and they make it look like you're trying to cover odors.

A home inspection can be stressful, but if you know your home is in good shape, you shouldn't have anything to worry about. It's common for the inspector to find minor problems, and buyers overlook those. However, it's important for buyers to find out about potentially serious problems before they buy a home, and that's what the home inspection process is all about.

For more information about home inspection services, reach out a local company.