4 Tips For Residential Carpet Cleaning

While carpets bring warmth to your home, they can also be a challenge to keep clean. Unfortunately, you can't just toss them into the washing machine when they start looking dirty and the time comes for a more deep cleaning than vacuuming can provide.

To keep your home's carpets looking clean and fresh, here are some tips to follow:

Tip: Clean All Stains Without Delay

Anything that falls onto the carpet should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Oils from food dropped on the carpet will absorb into the carpet's fibers and attract dirt. This makes your carpet look dirty in the future in the spot where the food fell. Also, sugars from drinks and other liquids spilled onto the carpet will also soak into the fibers and cause dirty spots to appear on the carpet.

To prevent stain spots on your carpets, always make an effort to properly clean up anything that falls onto it. 

Tip: Vacuum as Frequently as Necessary

Even if you clean up everything that falls on the carpets right away, dirt and other contaminants will still need to be removed regularly with vacuuming.

However, it is important to note that you should vacuum as often as necessary to keep the carpets looking clean, but not too often because it can cause premature wear. 

Tip: Proactively Keep Dirt Outside to Extend the Life of Your Home's Carpets

To extend the life of your home's carpets and make keeping them clean as simple as possible, you should take proactive steps to prevent dirt from getting into your home. 

For example, put doormats outside of each exterior door to remove dust and dirt before it has a chance to get inside. Then have everyone who enters take off their shoes indoors so any residual dirt won't be tracked all over the carpets.

Since dirt gets trapped into carpet fibers and causes premature wear, everything you can do to keep dust and dirt outdoors helps prevent it while keeping the carpets looking fantastic.

Tip: Skip DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines and Opt for Professional Cleanings

Finally, while you may be tempted to clean your home's carpets yourself, this really isn't the best option. Although carpet shampooers are inexpensive, they don't clean as well as you might imagine. In addition to ineffective cleaning, tackling carpet cleaning yourself can lead to:

  • ineffective drying
  • mold growth
  • shrinkage
  • delamination

Professional carpet cleaners use much better equipment and prevent inadvertent damage to the carpet caused by lower-quality home machines.

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