What About Rodents and Chimney Sweeping?

Thanks to their survival instincts, rodents tend to find their way into homes. Mice, squirrels, and other creatures know that a house could protect them from terrible weather while providing a source of food. Getting into the home requires exploiting a portal, which could be a chimney. Rodents might mess things up due to their droppings or from inflicting damage on the chimney. Contacting a pest control expert seems wise, and so might calling a professional chimney sweep. Cleaning a chimney before and after a rodent infestation might restore the chimney to a pre-rodent tenant condition.

Getting Rid of a Nest

A thorough chimney sweeping or cleaning could get rid of a nest that pests or birds built inside the structure. Unless someone removes the nests, expect the creatures to remain. After all, there's no reason for them to move. And don't assume the presence of nests is not cause for concern. All those twigs and leaves could create a fire hazard, so getting rid of them may make things safer. And what if the debris builds up so much it causes a clog?

The Dangers of Clogged Chimneys

Animals and their nest stand in the way of smoke and gases escaping the fireplace. Anything that obstructs the free flow of smoke out of the home presents potentially severe dangers, and those problems won't go away without action. If someone discovers pests in the chimney, having the chimney cleaned could eliminate the problems before they become too significant. Whether first finding the pests or their troubling consequences comes, a homeowner shouldn't wait to call a professional to fix things.

The Reverse Rodent-Chimney Cleaning Process

Calling a chimney sweep after discovering rodents inside a chimney is one way things may play out. After performing the cleaning job, the "inverse" may involve the chimney cleaning pro discovering signs of a rodent infestation. No one would learn about the rodents if the homeowner did not request a chimney cleaning. That might lead to delays in calling a pest control team. 

Setting Up a Schedule for Chimney Cleanings

An annual chimney cleaning might keep a chimney fire from occurring, a compelling reason for calling a pro. Those who let years and years pass before having any cleaning work performed might allow an unsafe condition to persist. The added benefit of learning about pests or cleaning up their mess may prevent a problem before it starts or gets worse.

For more information, contact a chimney sweep in your area.