4 Services That A Fire Damage Restoration Company Can Provide

Fires can start unexpectedly and grow quickly. When a fire occurs, a quick response is necessary to minimize the damage. However, even minor fires are likely to cause serious damage to homes. A fire damage cleaning team can help you restore your home following a fire. Here are four services that a fire damage restoration company can provide:

1. Water Removal

If you need to call the fire department to put out a fire, your home will be doused with high-pressure water in order to put out the blaze. Unfortunately, fire hoses can cause water damage to your home, especially if standing water is not removed promptly. A fire damage restoration service can remove excess water from your home using wet vacuum cleaners. Once large amounts of water have been removed, any residual moisture can be taken care of using fans and dehumidifiers. Fire damage restoration teams have access to high-powered water removal devices that can offer excellent results.

2. Soot Removal

Soot is a deposit of carbon that can collect on ceilings and walls following a fire. Soot can be oily and hard to remove on your own using only household cleaning tools. It can also stain certain surfaces. Fortunately, a fire damage restoration service can clean soot off of various hard and soft surfaces in your home. If necessary, your fire damage restoration team can even repaint surfaces that have been permanently stained by smoke or soot.

3. Renovation

Fires can cause structural damage as well as surface damage. Walls and ceilings can cave in as a result of fire damage. A fire damage restoration service can evaluate your home to make sure it's safe and structurally sound following a fire. If unsound areas are discovered, your fire damage restoration team can demolish the parts of your home that need to be removed. They can then rebuild those areas so they will be beautiful and safe for your family.

4. Odor Removal

The smell of fire is highly recognizable. Unfortunately, the odor of smoke can linger in homes long after a fire has been put out. A professional fire damage restoration service can remove unwanted odors from your home. Air scrubbers can be used to purify the air in your house. Additionally, smoke residue will be thoroughly cleaned from your walls, ceilings, and furniture. This service can allow you to once again inhabit your home without harming your lungs due to air pollution. 

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