Neglected Areas Of The Home To Have Cleaned Before Listing It For Sale

When homeowners plan to put their houses up for sale, they should perform a thorough deep cleaning of the building or hire a residential cleaning service. Many parts of a home can be neglected because the residents mainly pay attention to routine tasks and don't bother with somewhat hidden places that accumulate grime, such as components of the plumbing, heating, and cooling systems.

The Back of the Toilet Tank

Since the back of the toilet tank is hidden close to the wall, it's easy to forget about this part of the component. Unfortunately, mildew can grow here due to moisture in the air and lack of adequate ventilation between the wall and the tank. Professional cleaners might use a small sponge attached to a rod to tackle this problem. The sponge is soaked in a special solution or a mix of bleach and water.

Beneath the Toilet Bowl Rim

Most people regularly brush the toilet bowl clean. However, unless they brush directly under the rim all the way around, stains and mildew can build up there. The discoloration isn't noticeable unless someone bends down and peers into the bowl from different angles. By the time someone does see it, vigorous scrubbing might be required to remove the stains.

Drains and Stoppers

Slimy dirt may accumulate in the upper part of sink, tub, and shower drains. If the drains have an attached stopper device, the underside can become grungy too. Hair and lint might be stuck in the upper part of the pipe if the household residents don't use a removable strainer.

Residential cleaners remove the attached stoppers for scrubbing. They remove debris from the pipes with a long tweezers. This works for hair and lint stuck beneath a fixed drain grate as well. 

Grilles and Registers

Grilles and registers function as vents for the furnace and central air conditioner. Grilles are fixed, whereas registers include a damper for airflow adjustment. Return air vents send interior air back to the heating and cooling system for filtering and reuse.

People tend to neglect devices, and the equipment can become quite dirty. Return vents are the worst because of the suction pulling in not only air, but dust and hair as well.

The workers remove the vent covers and vacuum the upper part out. The covers can be wiped clean or washed.

Saving Time

Many people are simply too busy to devote the time required to get the house in top-notch condition before putting it on the market. Hiring cleaning services for a one-time thorough project can be the best option. Homeowners may contact one of these services as soon as they are ready.