Insight To Clean And Restore Your Home Exterior With Pressure Washing

Cleaning the outside of your home for spring is a great chance to update and improve the appearance of your home and yard. Dirt, bird and insect stains, mold and mildew, and other debris can stain and discolor the outside of your home, making it look years older than it really is. However, with a pressure washer and the right type of safe cleaning solution, you can remove all of this dirt and grime. Here are some tips about cleaning your home's exterior with a pressure washer for the best outcome.

Understand Your Home's Exterior Surfaces

The outside of your home's surfaces can become very dirty and stained, but it is important that you know the type of material it is before you start applying the spray from your pressure washer. The high pressure from a sprayer tip can cause gouging and damage to many surfaces of your home. For example, a high-pressure spray can remove the paint and layers of wood and is actually used to remove paint. So if you need to clean the surface of painted wood siding, be careful that you know how much pressure to use in its cleaning before you start so you don't ruin your home's outside.

If your home's exterior is made of vinyl siding or brick, you can usually use a higher pressure tip on your washer to clean it. However, if your home's exterior is stucco, wood, or aluminum, these surfaces are softer and need a lower pressure tip. As a precaution, use a lower pressure on a surface to test out its pressure in an inconspicuous area before cleaning the entire outside of your home. Most exterior dirt and stains will come off when you use a medium pressure tip on your pressure washer.

Take Safety Seriously

When you pressure wash the outside of your home, you will be using a tool that exerts a high amount of pressure, and this can put you at risk of getting injured. When you pressure wash, be sure you are standing on a stable surface, such as the ground, and don't pressure wash standing on a ladder. If you need to climb up to get to a higher surface, consider hiring a professional pressure washer cleaning service. They have the appropriate cleaning and safety equipment to do the job well and safely. And because they do it every day, they know what to do and how to stay safe during the process to clean your home most efficiently.

Never spray the pressure washer at any person or animal because it can cause serious injury. Reach out to a professional for help with residential pressure washing