Why Professionally Clean Your Home or Rental Unit

Carpet is a great type of flooring for a lot of different reasons, but you do need it to be kept clean and you can accomplish this with regular vacuuming and your once-a-year professional steam cleaning. Also, you should have the carpet in your home professionally cleaned if you are going to be selling it and you should always have the carpet in your rentals professionally cleaned when a renter has vacated. Here are reasons why it's a necessary thing that should be done in these two situations. 

1. Why you should have your carpet professionally cleaned when selling it

When you are selling your house, you want to improve the staging by making all your flooring look fantastic. The flooring in the kitchen and bathroom needs to be as clean as possible which can include getting someone out to clean the grout, if applicable. When it comes to the carpeted areas throughout the house, you want it to look as new as possible. 

People who come to see the home don't like to see things that will need to be immediately changed unless they are looking for a fixer-upper they can grab up for a cheap price. Therefore, you want them to come in and see a nice and clean carpet that is in good shape and that they won't mind keeping when they move in. Having the carpeting cleaned by a professional can lift those troublesome flat areas and remove the visible grime and grit in the high-traffic areas. Plus, if there are any odors in the carpeting, then people may be offended by the odor when they come to look at the home and this can cause the home to take much longer to be sold. 

2. Why you should have your rental's carpet professionally cleaned when tenants vacate

You may be required by law to have the carpet in your rental professionally cleaned depending on where your rental is located. However, even if it's not legally required, it is still something that you should do. Some tenants tend to be very hard on rentals and they sometimes aren't as diligent about cleaning up messes in a rental as they would if they owned the home. 

When a renter leaves, you want to make sure you get rid of all of the dirt and germs that may be anywhere in the unit and this includes in the carpet. Also, you want to have the rental looking and smelling its best when you are showing it to people who may want to rent it.

For more help with showing off your home, contact carpet cleaning services.