Professional Carpet Cleaning Information

There are a lot of things about carpet cleaning that you should be aware of as a homeowner. The more you understand about professional carpet cleaning, the better you will be about having your carpet professionally cleaned. You will also learn other information that can help you better care for your carpet. 

Why vacuuming matters

It's important for you to understand what vacuuming does and doesn't do for your carpet. Vacuuming will remove the dirt that's on the surface of your carpet and it will remove some of the loose debris, such as dust and pollen, that is under the carpet. However, the vacuum won't get all of the dust, pollen, and other debris. This means that when you walk on it, those things can then be pushed back up to the surface. It's still helpful to vacuum because removing what is on the surface does help control allergies, makes the carpet look cleaner, and will keep the carpet in good condition longer. Regular vacuuming helps avoid the carpet going flat which can't be reversed. 

Why professional carpet cleaning is important

Professional carpet cleaning is important because the home carpet cleaners and the ones you rent in the store won't do nearly the job a professional will do. The cleaners you will use are designed to avoid blowing a fuse. Professionals come out with a much more powerful system than this. Also, their water will be so hot it is almost to the boiling point, whereas the water you fill a cleaner with from your tap won't be nearly as hot and hotter water helps clean better and remove stains. On top of these things, the carpet cleaner will also have stronger chemicals that can help get your carpet cleaner and smelling better. They also know how to lift stubborn stains and help problem areas. 

How often your carpet should be professionally cleaned

You want to have a professional come out about once a year, every year. However, if you end up with a stain on the carpet, you don't need to wait. You also don't need to have them do the whole carpet if it isn't time yet. Instead, they can come out to help you with that stubborn stain. If it is close to the time when they should be coming out anyways, then you can have them just do the whole carpet at the same time.

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