Do Your Air Ducts Need to Be Repaired?

Air duct systems are not thought of very often by homeowners because they are out of sight, which means they are out of mind the majority of the time. However, air ducts tend to experience damage over time, which can cause the system to suffer a variety of issues, such as inefficiency. Some issues are obvious to the eye, while others are not. Here are a few signs that your ducts need to be repaired by a professional.

A Buildup of Dust and Dirt Around the Air Vents

Think about the way you breathe, and that is similar to the way that your HVAC system works. Air circulates through the ducting system and exits through the air vents. That same air is then brought into the system in order to heat or cool the rooms in your home. This process occurs multiple times throughout the day.

There are removable filters that should be replaced every few months that filter out the dirt and debris, ensuring that it does not reach the HVAC equipment. In the event that it does get to the equipment, it can cause wear and tear on the system and its eventual breakdown. If you notice that there is a buildup of dust and dirt around your air vents, then the filters aren't working right or there is a problem in the ducts.

A Sudden Spike in Your Utility Bills

At some point during the year, your utility bills will increase. However, at any other time of the year, if you notice a sudden increase for no explainable reason, this is a sign that there is a problem and your system is working harder than needed. Inspect your air filters, fans, and refrigerant levels. You can also check your ducts for any visible holes or tears, but keep in mind that all problems are not visible. If you can't find anything on your own, and even if you do, contact a professional for an inspection.

Loud, Scary Sounds

Your HVAC system is a significant piece of equipment, and ducting systems are made out of heavy metal. When there is a problem, you can rest assured that the sounds from this issue are going to be loud and likely scary. More often than not, the resulting sounds could keep you up at night. If you hear some loud and scary sounds coming from your equipment or ducts, you may want to try to turn the system on without the air handler from inside. If you do not notice any sounds coming from the unit outside, there is a good chance that the problem is with the air ducts.

When you are having problems with your air ducts, contact an air duct repair company.