Just Bought A House? Clean The Carpet: Here’s Why

When you buy a home, it's wise to give the property a thorough examination prior to moving in. Even if the carpets look pristine, now is a great time to invest in carpet cleaning. Why? Here is a guide to help you understand just why carpet cleaning services are needed before you move in. Your carpet cleaning specialist will give you a quote for their services, although on average expect to pay around $.25 per square foot treated.

You have nothing to move out of the way

Hiring a carpet cleaning specialist to deep clean the carpets in your home before you move in is a great idea because the space is already open and you won't be paying extra to have furnishings moved. You also don't have to worry about stomping all over freshly-cleaned carpets because you haven't moved in yet. Unless the previous owner had the carpets professionally cleaned when they vacated the property, having your carpets done before you move in is ideal.

You start your carpet cleaning schedule right

Having your carpets cleaned right as you move in gives you the right schedule for having your carpets cleaned throughout your home ownership. Remember: experts recommend having carpets cleaned once or more per year, depending on whether you have kids or pets in the home. When you take over the carpet cleaning as soon as you move in, you know exactly how often your carpets are cleaned and the gaps between professional steam cleaning treatments.

You don't know when the carpets were last treated

Even if carpets are brand-new in a home you just bought, you don't know the last time the carpets were treated. For example, even brand-new carpet in a home needs to be cleaned if the house was vacant for several months before you bought the property. Or, the carpets may look nice but if there's no record of previous owner carpet cleaning, then you have no idea when the carpets were last professionally treated by carpet cleaning services, if ever.

When you have your carpet cleaning done in a home you just bought, you know the service has been done. Your carpet cleaning specialist can tell you the condition of your current carpet when they do their cleaning so you know how long your carpet will last and if there are other cleaning and care needs you need to do on your carpets overall. Get an estimate from your carpet cleaning specialist to know how much this service will cost you.