Are You Too Busy To Clean Your House?

When you were a stay-at-home mom, you probably had a great plan on keeping your house clean. Maybe you thought that you'd be able to juggle working outside of the house with also being a great mother. And, yet, now that you are a working girl, perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with all that you have to do, aren't you? 

If you have a plan on keeping the house clean while still enjoying your family, you surely don't need to keep reading. However, maybe you are looking for ideas to help you. If so, from arranging for home cleaning services to maintaining the clean house, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For House Cleaning Services - Consider how you want to spend the time that you are actually home. Do you want your kids to remember a mom who was constantly cleaning? That's probably not what you want them to remember, right? Instead, you want them to remember a mother who made time for fun and for one-to-one attention. 

With that in mind, consider arranging for house cleaning services. Just decide ahead of time that, since you are now earning money, part of that money would be best spent on having somebody do the house cleaning for you. 

The agency you use will send cleaners you can trust and who is bonded. In they'll have the skills and the experience to provide you with a truly spotless home. Find out ahead of time what their services will include. For example, maybe the cleaners don't do things like hard-to-reach windows. If that's the case, they can probably recommend a service that will take care of that for you. 

What you can count on is that they will do a thorough job on everything from toilets to dusting and vacuuming. If you want a load of laundry put in the washer, they'll probably be happy to do that, too. Do you want your bed linens changed? That's probably something else they can do. 

​Maintain The Clean House - If the cleaning service comes only once a week or every two weeks, of course, you'll want to keep the house looking nice between visits. Make a rule that kids can't leave their rooms until beds are made and things are placed in their proper places. 

Think of assessing each room between cleaning services. For instance, on Mondays, you might need to collect things that have been left in the family room. Take just a few minutes to make sure each room looks nice. Then enjoy your family time until the cleaning service returns.