3 Things To Teach Your Employees About Using Your Commercial Vacuum

If you have a commercial vacuum cleaner, you are probably hoping that your employees will use it to help keep the floors clean in your office or other commercial property. Before you turn your employees loose with your new commercial vacuums though, you will probably want to talk to them about proper use. In addition to telling them about how to operate the unit, you will probably want to remind them about the following things.

1. Check and Clean It Before and After Use

Right now, your commercial vacuum cleaner might look bright and shiny. The last thing that it might need right now is to be cleaned. Once it is put to use in your heavy-duty commercial environment, however, this will change. It's smart to get your employees used to cleaning your commercial vacuum cleaner both before and after they use it. After use, they should brush off any dirt on the outside of the vacuum, clean out the filter and bag and otherwise make sure that it's ready for the next use. Before the next use, it's not a bad idea to take a look at the vacuum to make sure that these steps were taken by the last employee who used it.

2. Don't Stretch the Cord Too Far

Next, make sure that your employees know not to stretch the cord on the commercial vacuum cleaner too much. It can be tempting to try to stretch the cord just a little bit further when vacuuming large commercial spaces. However, this can damage the cord and can even cause dangerous electric sparks and electric shock. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a long cord will help with this, but if it's too late, encourage employees to unplug the unit and plug it in elsewhere instead of stretching the cord.

3. Let You Know if There are Problems

Even if your employees use your commercial vacuum cleaner just like they are supposed to, the vacuum will probably need maintenance and repair at some point. Instead of just putting the vacuum cleaner back in the closet, they should make a point to let you know if the vacuum cleaner is operating incorrectly, making strange noises, or otherwise not working like it is supposed to. Additionally, ask employees to let you know about things like when it's time to purchase more filters or bags and make sure that you stay on top of these things to keep the vacuum cleaner in good, operable condition.