3 Tricks For Keeping Your Home’s Windows Looking Great

When your home's windows are clean, your house looks more put together. When your home's windows are not clean, it can take away from the rest of your home, even if everything else is put together.

#1 Rain Doesn't Clean Your Windows

Rain may help remove some dust from your windows, but rain doesn't clean your windows. If you live near the ocean, the moisture from the water can actually add layers of dirt and grime to your windows. Don't count on the rain and weather to clean your windows. If you want your windows to be clean, you need to clean them the old-fashion way. 

#2 Look Out for Hard Water Stains

Before you start cleaning your windows, check and see if any of your windows have hard water spots. Hard water can leave behind mineral stains on your glass, which results in white marks on your windows. These white marks on your windows can be really tough to remove.

Hard water spots can be really difficult to remove. That is where a professional window cleaning service comes into play. A professional window cleaning service will have the right tools to remove the hard water spots from your windows without damaging your windows. You shouldn't scrap at the hard water stains with a razor blade; this could damage your windows.

#3 Cleaning Your Windows Should be the Last Touch

If you are cleaning up the inside or outside of your home, cleaning your windows should be the last step. For example, if you are planning on power washing your siding, you should do that before you wash your windows. Or if you are planning on painting the exterior of your home, you should paint the exterior of your home first.

Take care of any tasks that will stir up dirt or create a mess around your windows before you have your windows professionally cleaned. You don't want to clean your windows, only to paint your walls and get paint on your windows. You don't want to clean your windows, then pressure wash the siding on your home, and get your windows dirty again.

You want your windows to have the best possible chance to stay clean for as long as possible.

When it comes to the windows of your home, keep in mind that rain may remove some dirt from your windows, but rain doesn't actually get your windows clean. If you have hard water spots on your windows, bring in a team of professionals to help you clean your windows. Finally, do other cleaning and maintenance tasks around your windows before you clean your windows. This will help your windows stay clean.

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