3 Things You Need To Know About Removing Mold From Soft Surfaces

After a plumbing mishap or natural disaster, your home may develop mold due to all of the moisture from the incident. The technique that you use to remove mold will vary based on the surface. Read on to learn important information about removing mold from soft surfaces (carpets, upholstered furniture, stuffed animals, and clothing).

1. It's Usually Advisable to Hire a Mold Remediation Team

If you're facing a mountain of home repair expenses, it's tempting to try to save money and remove mold yourself. However, unless the mold is extremely limited in its span, it's best to leave mold remediation to a professional team. Should you suffer from any type of respiratory problems, avoid tackling mold removal on your own. 

Professional mold removers understand the proper precautions to take when removing mold, such as disabling the furnace or air conditioner and covering your vents. This will prevent airborne mold spores from traveling throughout your home. They also have the necessary protective equipment to keep themselves safe during the job, such as gloves, coveralls, and respirators. 

Some of your items may not be salvageable. You can expect your mold removal team to understand the procedures they most follow when disposing of these items. For example, if your carpet is overrun with mold, you can't just take it to the dump. It must be wrapped wrapped in plastic and double-bagged before you throw it away. 

2. Some Cleaners are Better Suited for Different Fabrics

You have a few different cleaner options for ridding soft fabrics of mold. Bleach is the strongest alternative, however, it also requires the highest level of care. You must ensure that it doesn't mix with cleaners that contain ammonia, and you should avoid breathing the fumes. It can also damage fabrics with color.

An alternative for colored fabrics is white vinegar. However, when using vinegar to remove mold, you generally have to scrub the mold more and it generally takes longer to kill the spores. 

3. Mold Needs to be Removed as Soon as Possible

It is important to remove mold as soon as you spot it to contain the damage to your home. Prompt removal also increases the chances that you will be able to save your soft-surfaced items. If you ignore the mold, it will continue to fester and grow, and it can even affect the underlying areas. Moldy carpet can easily permit the mold spores to travel through the carpet so that your sub-flooring also requires cleaning. 

Contact a mold remediation service for more help.