Are You Doing Summer Cleaning?

Did you miss the traditional spring cleaning that you usually do in your home? Or, it might be that you have recently moved into a previously owned house that needs cleaning from top to bottom. Whatever the circumstances, from paying attention to details like window blind cleaning to establishing a routine to maintain your clean house, here are some ideas that might help as you're doing your summer house cleaning.

​Pay Attention To Detail - It doesn't take that long to make your house look presentable, does it? However, if you want to know that it is thoroughly clean, you'll probably have to pay a lot of attention to details that could be easily forgotten. For example, you might know that it's time to clean the glass on your windows, but what about the windows blinds? If you run your finger over one of them, you'll probably find some pretty serious grime on your finger. Cleaning your blinds is not a big deal; with a soft cloth, a gentle cleanser and some hot water, the job can be done pretty easily. Turn all of the blinds in one direction, say going down, and clean them all. Now twist them so they are going upward and clean them again. You might have to change your soapy water, and you might need to get a fresh rag or you'll just be spreading dirt. Now do the finger check again. If you're satisfied, it's done. Otherwise, you might have to give attention to each blind. 

Establishing A Cleaning Routine - Once you have cleaned your house, paying attention to detail, you'll probably love the feeling and the look of having a spotless house. That means you'll more than likely want to establish a routine to maintain the cleanliness you've achieved. Consider giving each day of the week a certain chore. For example, Mondays might be great for just picking things up and putting them where they belong, since your house probably got a lot of use during the weekend. Laundry could be done on Mondays, too. Tuesdays could be bathroom cleaning days, Wednesdays could be dusting and vacuuming days, Thursdays could be for window blind and glass cleaning, Fridays could be kitchen cleaning days, and Saturdays could be the day when the entire family goes through to make sure their own areas look nice. Then you can use Sunday to take a break and just enjoy your house.

If you want to have a clean house but don't have time to take care of all the details yourself, you can hire a company like A+ Cleaning Service to clean your blinds for you.