3 Things To Know About Air Duct Cleaning This Spring

This spring, make sure that you hire a professional team to clean out your air ducts, such as a team from a place like Terry's Cleaning, Restoration & Water Damage. Your air ducts are vitally important to your HVAC system, and keeping them clean helps keep your air clean.

Air Ducts Only Need to be Occasionally Cleaned

Air ducts do not need to be cleaned every year like other tasks on your spring cleaning list. How often you clean your air ducts depends on a variety of circumstances.

If you have pets in your home, which also release dander, you should clean your air ducts more often. You should also clean your air ducts more often if you have children or individuals with compromised immune systems or respiratory issues living in your home. If any of these circumstances apply to your household, you should clean your air ducts every few years.

If none of those circumstances apply to your home, then once every five years is more appropriate.

Air Duct Cleaning Removes Built Up Debris

Air duct cleaning helps remove debris that has built up inside of your ducts. Over time, a variety of different types of debris can get into your ducts. For example, dust can get into your ducts, as well as things such as cobwebs and even the droppings from pests and dead insects. The air that is pumped through your air ducts will blow over all of the debris, and some of that debris will get into your air. When your air ducts are cleaned, all of that debris will be removed from your air ducts, providing a cleaner path for the air in your HVAC system to make its way into your home.

Air Duct Cleaning is a Day Job

Air duct cleaning is a day job for any contractor that you hire. How long exactly it will take to clean your air ducts depends on how extensive your air duct system is and how long it has been since your air ducts were last cleaned.

Most air duct cleaning companies will send out a team of two individuals to clean up your air ducts. Generally, air duct cleaners can clean two to four houses in a day, so they should only be at your home for a couple of hours. This is not an extensive project that you will have to take excessive time off to supervise. You can schedule an air duct cleaning when you have a morning or afternoon off from your job.

Air duct cleanings do not take that long and help provide the air in your home with a cleaner path.