Are You Getting Your House Ready For Out-Of-Town Guests?

Are you having out-of-town guests staying in your house over the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays? If so, you might be stressing a bit about getting your house in tip-top condition. From establishing a cleaning schedule to having your carpets professionally cleaned, here are some ideas that might help you to get your house ready for the holidays.

​Establish A Plan 

You are smart to be thinking about getting your house clean way before your out-of-town guests arrive. That gives you plenty of time to take things slow and easy. Think of making your cleaning job a family affair. After all, many hands make lighter work, right? Here are some tips for establishing a cleaning plan:

  • Make a chart that includes all the jobs that need to be done.
  • Ask your spouse and children to write their names beside the chore that they want to do.
  • Consider working as teams; for example, older siblings can work with younger ones.

​The Family Chores 

Think of how much time you want to spend on each room. For example, you might need only a short time to dust furniture, but cleaning out the garage might take all day. It might be helpful to assign a day to each room. If you and your spouse both work and if your kids are at school, think of using evenings and Saturdays as your housecleaning days.

For example, during one evening, you and your family could go through the house to remove clutter from each room. Another evening could be used to polish furniture together. If you are working as teams, consider using Saturdays for big jobs. For instance, save things like cleaning the kitchen thoroughly for Saturday.

Hire Professionals 

Think of jobs that would be better left to professionals. By getting professional help, you'll be hiring workers that have the training and the experience to do things like cleaning hard-to-reach windows. Think of calling on the professional workers closer to the time your out-of-town guests are scheduled to arrive.

For example, consider hiring a professional service to clean your carpets. They'll use safe chemicals that won't harm your pets. Also, the same carpet cleaning service might also offer other services. For example, the service might clean wooden floors or tile floors.

Once your house is thoroughly clean, consider continuing with a schedule to maintain the clean house you have achieved. And, think about having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Facility carpet cleaning by professionals is worth the money you spend because you'll know they are thoroughly cleaned.