Keep Your Tile And Grout Cleaner For A Longer Time

Tile and grout often become dingy as they get older, even if you clean them regularly. The slow buildup of grime that seems fixed in scratches and in the grout gradually makes the tile and grout less bright. It can be refreshing to have the tile and grout professionally cleaned once in a while to remove that longstanding dirt, but obviously, you likely aren't going to want a professional tile cleaning crew in your home's bathroom every week (yeah, it'd be nice, but it could be distracting). So how do you keep that wonderful brightness around for a longer time?

Change Grout Color and Redo Grout Sealers

First, take a look at your grout. If you have a dark grout, you have a wonderful type of camouflage for dirt, but even dark grout has a point at which it simply looks like it needs care. What your grout may really need is a new coat of sealer, and there are a couple of ways to do this. One is to buy a simple sealer -- use one that soaks into the grout and creates a layer that's locked into the surface of the grout. The other way is to buy grout paint because this usually acts partly as a sealer while letting you change the color of the grout to something brighter.

Open the Shower Curtain

If the tile you're really having trouble with is the batch that sits next to your shower curtain, remember to move the curtain away from the tile and open the curtain when it's drying after a shower. That will reduce the amount of mildew and bacteria that can build up in those spots.

Wipe Down the Tile -- and Then Dry It

Many people resort to squeegeeing shower stall tile to prevent streaking, and that works to an extent. What you also need to do is dry the tile to get rid of any remaining moisture. The same goes for your floor; don't let the tiles and grout sit there while wet. Take a rag and briefly run it across the tiles to sweep up leftover moisture. That also helps prevent the formation of that reddish bacteria that can discolor your grout and caulking.

Of course, even if you don't want professional cleaning every week, you may want it done more than once in a while. Cleaning doesn't take that long, so consider arranging for a more regular cleaning schedule with your preferred company.