Keep Preschoolers Busy In An Organized And Clean Environment

If you are operating a small daycare from your home and would like to occupy the preschoolers in your care, maintain an organized environment, and keep your home daycare spic and span, the following suggestions can help.

Create Learning Stations 

Small children learn through play and will be interested in hands-on learning stations that involve exploring the shapes, colors, and textures of objects. Place short, portable wall partitions inside of the room that you watch the children in. Decide upon some learning stations that are geared toward the ages of the children that you watch.

Examples of some activities to consider are a cooking station that includes a pretend stove, refrigerator, and food items or a building station that includes faux tools, a tool belt, hard hat, and tool box. Place accessories for each station against one of the wall partitions. Assign a couple children to each station and move children to different stations after several minutes have elapsed.

Tidy Up While Children Are Napping 

Place mats on the flooring in the corner of the room that the learning stations are located in. When it is time for the preschoolers to take a nap, dim the lights in the room and play some soft, soothing music to help the children fall asleep. During the block of time that the children are sleeping, tidy up the learning stations and sweep the flooring in the room.

Wipe down non porous surfaces with a soft cloth that has disinfectant and water added to it. Dry surfaces with a fresh cloth. Bag up trash and place it by the door so that you can conveniently carry it outdoors when the children awake. 

Use A Cleaning Service Each Week

Contact a home cleaning service and inquire about having the daycare room thoroughly cleaned each week. A cleaning crew will not cut corners and will address spills and stains on flooring and sticky substances that are found on toys and other surfaces that the children handle. If you are concerned about harsh chemicals being used in your home, request that green cleaning products are used. After items in your home are sanitized, germs will no longer be an issue and you can welcome the preschoolers into the daycare room with confidence.

If you would like to have a cleaning crew handle heavy duty cleaning tasks during your daycare's hours of operation, schedule an appointment to have the daycare room cleaned when you will be spending time outdoors playing with the children.