What Are You Doing Right And Wrong To Care For Your Tile Flooring?

Without proper care, your tile and grout can start to look dark and dingy. Avoiding this requires knowing what does and does not work on your flooring and taking steps to regularly maintaining what you have done. To help you get started, here are a few things you should and should not do for your floor.

What Should You Not Do?

Before you can develop a cleaning method for your tile and grout, you need to know what does not work or that could be damaging to your flooring. For instance, using bleach and ammonia is a no-no. The cleaners might make your flooring look cleaner, but over time, the coloring on the tiles will start to fade.

You should also avoid using an abrasive material to clean the flooring. Materials, such as steel wool, can ruin the finish on the flooring. Once damaged, you cannot reverse the effect. You will be forced to replace it if you are not comfortable with the flooring's damage appearance.

In addition to avoiding these mistakes, you also need to avoid letting spills remain on the floor. The spills can stain the tile and grout. The liquids could also spread to other areas and increase the amount of damage that results.

It is also important that you avoid putting too much water on the flooring when you are cleaning. Tap water has minerals in it that can cause discoloration in certain tiles. Not to mention that the water can seep into the grout and lead to the development of mildew.

What Should You Do?

Ideally, you should be sweeping your floor on a daily basis. Dirt can be abrasive and hurt your floor's finish. You also need to mop at least once a week. You do not have to go overboard on the mopping. Using a soft cloth or mop and a cleanser that is recommended by the manufacturer should be enough.

Over time, the seal on the flooring will wear down. When it does, you need to caulk the affected area and reseal it, if necessary. The caulk will help to keep water out and the sealant will protect the surface of the tile.

Although it is sometimes forgotten, placing a door mat at the entrance of your door can protect it. The mat inside and outside the door will keep the amount of dirt down and make it easier to maintain the flooring.

As added protection, consider hiring a cleaning service, such as Superior Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc, periodically to professionally clean the floor. This will not only help to make sure the flooring is clean, but extend its lifespan.