How To Get Mustard Out Of Carpet

Mustard improves the taste of food, but it doesn't help the look of your carpet. The dye from the turmeric in mustard can make a nasty stain on carpets that is hard to clean.

However, if you catch it early, you may be able to remove it and even dried stains with the right methods. Follow this carpet cleaning guide to remove mustard stains from your carpet.

Prepare to Remove the Mustard Stain

.To remove the mustard stain, gather:

  • white cloth or towel
  • vacuum
  • butter knife or spoon
  • fresh mustard
  • white vinegar
  • clothes iron
  • fan or heater
  • club soda
  • liquid dish soap 

Scrape as much of the stain a possible with the butter knife or spoon, if the stain is fresh, and discard it in a plastic cup or bowl. Move the utensil up and away from the carpet to avoid spreading the mustard.

Loosen dried mustard particles with a squirt of fresh mustard to reactivate the turmeric, let it stand five minutes, then scrape it. Alternately, heat iron on the lowest setting, and hold it over the stain for thirty seconds. but don't set the iron on the carpet. Moisten a clean towel in cool water, and blot the stain again until it no longer shows.

Apply Liquid Dish Soap

Combine a teaspoon of detergent in two cups of warm water in a large bowl or spray bottle. To make the dish soap solution more effective, add drop of white distilled vinegar. Be aware ammonia-based cleaners may worsen stains. Test the solution on a hidden area of carpet to check reaction. 

 Moisten a cloth or towel in the mixture, and test the cleaner in a hidden area to check reaction. If there is no reaction, rub it on the stain for minutes, then blot the stain. Only use white cloths or towels to avoid dying the carpet.

Change cloths or towels as needed. Dab the stain with a clean cloth moistened with cold water to rinse soap residue, let it dry, then vacuum. Never skip rinsing the residue, or the carpet will pull more dirt from the remaining soap. To dry the carpet quicker, run a fan or heater.

Try Club Soda

Apply a small amount of club soda right on the stain, and let it stand a minute or two. Don't saturate the carpet. Use a clean cloth or towel to blot it until the stain disappears. 

Dampen a fresh cloth with cold water,  to rinse, let it dry, and vacuum. If the stain still persists, repeat this method, but follow up with the dish soap solution.