How To Finally Get That Spill Out Of Your Couch

Having old stains on any upholstery, especially a sofa that's right there in your living room, can be a bit of an embarrassment. If you are thinking of getting rid of that spill out of your couch without the need to hire a professional upholstery cleaning service, then you are on the right page. Here we'll tell you about how to get rid of that old stain with the help a few useful tools and some basic equipment. Try them all one after the other, because the probability of just one of them working is quite low. Just don't give up if one method fails and keep at it!

Basic Equipment

Some of the basic equipment you will need to get rid of that old stain are a clean sponge, a clean absorbent towel, some white vinegar, mild dishwashing detergent, and a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment (that you can probably borrow from the neighbor if you don't own one yet).

The Best Instructions

If the couch you want to work on already has its original care tag on it then you are in luck. It means that you can simply follow these instructions and get rid of the stain easily without damaging the couch a bit.

The Other Options

In case if your couch doesn't have care instructions and you can't find them over the internet then you should try the following steps.

The first step is to vacuum around the couch to get rid of any crumbs or other dirt debris that is currently residing on the couch. Taking this step will mean that you will see the stain clearly and ensure that you are not rubbing debris into it while working on the stain.

The second step involves making a cleaning solution by taking a quart of warm water, two teaspoons of liquid dish washing detergent and a quarter cup of any brand's white vinegar.

Before you move on to the third stage and start applying the cleaning solution, you should test it on a concealed part of the couch to ensure that the cleaning solution isn't damaging the color or texture of the couch.

The third step is to soak a cleaning sponge into the cleaning solution, squeezing out the excess water and blotting at the stain until the stain is damp. Then you need to blot it with a clean absorbent towel (preferably white). That's it, the stain will start to fade.

In case the stain is quite tough, you can soak it completely with the solution, place a folded towel over it, let it press hard with the help of a heavy book for 15 minutes. Repeat the process until it fades completely.

If you think that you can't do all this, simply call a professional upholstery cleaning provider to get rid of the stain permanently in a jiffy. For more information, contact companies like Atlantic Carpet Care.